Our History

  In 1933 and amidst the challenges of the Great Depression, the Pantalone family took a chance on a great idea. After running a neighborhood grocery store and shoe repair shop within the home where they had also raised their seven children, they decided to open a restaurant. Transforming their living space into a cozy dining room, Grandma Pantalone began cooking up her best recipes. For one week she served spaghetti to neighbors and guests free-of-charge, hoping for good feedback about her pasta. Soon after, the Sunset Cafe was officially opened and began selling the very first Italian cuisine in the city of Greensburg. 

  But with new beginnings come challenges. Customers wanted to be able to take food home – but how? Without the existing take-out containers of today, customers had to bring their own pots and pans to transport their favorite foods back home. And what about parking to accommodate the increasing number of customers with cars? The City Police never liked when cars were parked too closely to the busy, nearby intersection outside the restaurant, so they painted a bright yellow line across the sidewalk to deter drivers from parking on the curb. “But this can’t be good for business,” thought Grandpa Pantalone, so he snuck out nightly with brush and soap in hand to scrub the paint off for the next day’s customers.

  Now over 75 years later, the Sunset Cafe; is still owned and operated by the same family and still serving the same delicious recipes. The third generation owners, Bob and Anna Jo Noviello, have made many improvements – the menu and dining space have expanded and take-out containers and parking for busy weekends have become plentiful – but one thing has certainly not changed: the Sunset Cafe is still the local favorite for Italian dining. Offering rich tastes at an affordable price, the Sunset Cafe continues to be about bringing family and friends together to enjoy great food around the table.